Performance Coaching & Consulting

Coach Durand, has been a performer since he was 5 years old. He toured with the Atlanta Boy's Choir as an adolescent, and later graduated from the Grammy awarded DeKalbSchool of the Arts where he formally studied music, dance and acting.


Durand is an accomplished, award-winning producer, vocalist, and songwriter  (see with a knack for inspiring fellow artists to tap into the best that they have to offer.  He helps them find a place of authenticity and  a way to convey that to their audiences.


He can assist with vocal coaching, arrangement and production,  to ensure that you capture a performance worthy of posterity. He can help you connect with the right voice for your monologue, public speaking endeavor, starring role, or live performance.


He will keep you motivated; budget conscious and goal oriented all while leaving you plenty of room to be an artist.

$35 per hour [flat rate]
conducted in person only

Performance Consulting


This rate is only applicable to Performance Coaching and Consulting.
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