Career Coaching

How do you feel about Monday mornings? Are you biding your time or are you truly engaged while “on the clock”?  How would you describe your office environment? Do you talk about your job or do you complain about it?  Are you trying to determine what it is that you’d actually like to do?  Career Coaching will prove invaluable in re-shaping the answers to these questions.

Understand, however, that Career Coaching is not about finding a “job”. It’s about finding the work you love to do.  Work that excites you, challenges you, fulfills you and meets your needs. It's also helpful in discerning how to derive more fulfillment from your current situation.

We’ve all had the experience of encountering phenomenal service industry personnel who were energetic, competent and helpful.  I’m sure you’ve also encountered some who were the polar opposite of all those things.  The fundamental difference between the two groups, is that the prior is engaged and fulfilled and take pleasure and pride in their work. The later is suffering from  Improper Career Placement.  

The Life Purpose Institute’s ‘7 Step Model for Clarity and Results’® is a dynamic, focused, rapid-paced process that guides you to the career environment where you'll be appreicated for the unique gifts and talents you bring to the table. 


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Career Coaching Package

Payment plans can be arranged upon request. Additional sessions are available at a Preferred Client rate and can be used for other Coaching processes.
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