What Is Coaching?

DISCLAIMER:  COACHING IS NOT COUNSELING. And though it is therapeutic, COACHING IS NOT THERAPY.  Many people are seeking Life Coaching as an alternative, or in some instances, in addition to traditional therapy.

Coaching is different in that its intent is more forward thinking and life planning. The focus is on where you are and how to get where you're going. 

The Coaching partnership is a confidential, powerful, transformative alliance that will assist you with developing and implementing practical strategies for financial success; healthy living; spiritual quests; improving relationships; life transitions; time management; and other components of life.

It’s a supportive collaboration that will help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs.  It is an encouraging coaction that will  hold you accountable for the achievement of your
personal objectives and professional goals.  With the added bonus of achieving those successes more rapidly and more easily than you would on your own.

What Is A Life Coach?

In athletic terms, the Coach is the person charged with seeing an athlete’s inherent abilities and potential. They then work with, encourage and challenge the athlete to utilize their full talent and potential, and usher them towards achievement and success. 

As your Life Coach, I’ll operate in much the same way but with the emphasis placed on your specific goals.

It will be my job to keep you focused on your intended results, cultivating the life you desire and  deepening your

I will be your cohort and confidant, your cheerleader  and challenger.
I will remind you of your core values and honor your path.  I will help you discover answers  and develop action plans. And, I will expect your commitment and hold you  accountable
for your progress.

How Is The Coaching Conducted?

Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone (tele-coaching) or in person and are generally scheduled in 30 to 50 minute increments  depending on the contractual agreement.  We can engage in a productive and fruitful Coaching partnership across the table or across the country. Tele-coaching merely requires the infusion of technology (e.g. e-mail, scanner, fax). 

Session days/times are not “locked” unless a client wishes to reserve a specific day/time for their scheduled session. Alternatively, at the conclusion of the Coaching session, clients may schedule a convenient time-slot for the next one.

Coaching is a finite, results oriented covenant. It's recommended that clients commit to working with their Coach for a minimum of 3 months initially.  Many clients choose to continue participation in their Coaching relationships well beyond the initial period citing that the on-going collaboration helps maintain momentum and is beneficial in addressing newly emerging goals and ambitions.

It is suggested that sessions be conducted at least 2-3 times a month. However, the client's availability, commitment and success agenda ultimately determine the scheduling.

Between sessions, you will be assigned, and be responsible for, "LifeWork" and action items specifically designed to move you forward toward goal achievement.


Why Get Coached?

There's an old adage that says "if you want to keep getting what you're getting, keep doing what you're doing." Is what you're doing currently getting you what you want? No? Get Coached.

Coaching is a brilliant addition to your arsenal when:

you’re feeling stuck
your spinning wheels need traction
you’re contemplating or undergoing life changes
you want to strengthen your relationships
you’re ready to ascend to your next level
you want to discover your grand design
you want to better manage your time
you want to confidently assess your priorities
you're asking "where do I go from here?"
you want to excavate your most authentic self
you need assistance plotting your next steps
you’d like help with follow through on action plans
you want the support of an ally who will continually challenge your perceived limitations

Coaching is designed to empower and assist you in becoming the YOU you're meant to be. It requires  your commitment to exploring; learning; working; growing; taking risks; persevering even when it's difficult; and investing time and energy. 

Are you ready for the challenge and the reward it brings? Then get Coached.


Make an appointment for a complimentary Coaching consultation ($125.00 value) and get first hand experience of what a Coaching partnership can do for you.

What Will be covered in your complimentary session:
·        Life Coaching discussion - how we’ll operate
·        Review of potential coachable opportunities
·        Coaching on a specific topic, chosen by you!
·        General Q & A
·        Coach/Client compatibility evaluation
·        Next steps