Graduate Guidance Coaching

Often, en route to  attaining diplomas and degrees, students are overwhelmed by pending possibilities. Some are fully self-aware and just need a little coaxing and coaching to implement a game plan for success. Others are unsure and overcome by the myriad of prospects.

Graduate Guidance Coaching is extremely helpful in either instance. It is a very specific process which helps students self-actualize,  clarify  their life's direction, and best utilize precious financial resources and time.  

Graduate Guidance Coaching employs a variety of aptitude, attitude and personality tests (e.g. COPS Interest Inventory; Career Exploration Inventory; MBTI; KTS II; etc.), in conjunction with elements of Life and Career Coaching, to uncover the natural talents; inherent abilities; core beliefs; fundamental needs; inclinations and interests of the student.  

This information illuminates the career fields and curriculum choices best suited for the individual,  and which will yield long term success and fulfillment.

Graduate Coaching Packages

Payment plans can be arranged upon request. If needed, additional sessions are booked at a Preferred Client rate.

Refund & Other Policies