M.K. Durand Farley

Certified Life & Career Coach
Motivational Speaker
Training Facilitator


  The Bio

M.K. Durand Farley is a graduate of the Life Purpose Institute and an International Coaching Federation certified Life and Career Coach.  As such, he adheres to the code of ethics  set forth by the organization. He has also studied and is well versed in the Co-Active Coaching process and The Law Of Attraction.

Durand is an internationally known motivational speaker. Over the last 22 years, he has  designed and delivered empowerment programs, workshops, trainings, keynote addresses and school assemblies reaching nearly 4 million people. He's appeared as a consultant on countless radio and television programs and even did a stint as an on-air personality for a home shopping network.

Farley served as Youth Training Program Facilitator; International Youth Coordinator; and Special Projects Coordinator for a non-profit organization before starting his own public speaking and consulting firmIn the years since, Durand has worked with a multitude of schools, school districts, government agencies, community organizations, and private companies on a myriad of projects and programs. Including logistics planning, team building, community mobilization and training evaluation. (sampling of clients)

This multifaceted motivational speaker, author, award winning singer/songwriter and Certified Coach, is passionate, compassionate and empowering.  He is on a mission to change lives and would love to start with yours.

  The Beginnings [a note from your coach]

When I was a kid, my Father worked as a bartender. That's probably why I took such note of how they were portrayed on television and in films. The bartenders were always the kind hearted, calm, centered and sympathetic confidants everyone turned to for counsel. It was right around that time that I decided I would become a bartender so as to position myself  on the helping end of similar conversations and situations.  Though my eventual journey would veer and vary greatly from this plan, the experience provided the first glimpse into my own life's purpose. The words, "to be of service", would become a part of my personal mission statement.

As I grew to understand and embrace my design, I was guided to organizations and opportunities that allowed me to be of service.  Another portion of my purpose revealed itself as the desire to uplift, educate and empower. This led me to program design, training facilitation and motivational speaking.  I came to to Life Coaching as a result of participation in my own coaching alliance. During which, it was pointed out that I've been a natural Coach for most of my life.

The sum of my experience thus far, has cultivated a belief in the strength we're all endowed with; a compulsion to expose and honor the best we each have to offer; and a desire to assist in individual and collective ascension. Jungian Personality testing categorizes me as a Myers-Briggs type ENFJ. (read more)

I am thankful to continually be provided with opportunities to lend help, spread hope and broadcast the proclamation that: every one of us is stronger, wiser and more luminous than we sometimes realize and reflect.



  Back To The You

Coaches often highlight the area of Coaching in which they specialize. I want you to know that I am certified and proficient in all of the Coaching processes I offer, but that I actually specialize in you.

Among my spiritual gifts is an atypcial capacity for empathy and keen insight. This affords me, as your Coach, a more genuine view of your world as you see it.

From that vantage point I can help you locate options and opportunities, lessons and perspectives that might have been obscured or overlooked. It also facilitates a greater understading of who you truly are, and what it is you truly want. With this data, we can create and implement a strategy for your progress and success.  That's how we get you the life you desire and deserve.