Life Coaching  / Life Purpose Coaching  / Graduate Guidance Coaching  /  Career Coaching
Workshops / School Assembly Programs / Training Facilitation / ..and more

Life Coaching

Bringing synergy and balance to your daily life.
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Graduate Guidance Coaching

Helping soon-to-be graduates get confident about career and/or curriculum choices that best engage their full potential.
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Performance Coaching & Consulting

Staying motivated, focused and budget conscious all while delivering your best performance.
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Life Purpose Coaching

Listening for, hearing and adhering to your calling.
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Career Coaching

What if you awoke each morning feeling invigorated about the prospect of spending the day at work?
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Relationship Coaching

Develop nourishing and uplifting interpersonal relations. (coming soon)

____________________Other Services____________________

Workshop & Training Facilitation

We design and deliver highly interactive workshops for conferences, companies, not for profit organizations and home based social gatherings. We also facilitate group Coaching and retreats.

Subject matter for workshops, trainings, *HomePlate and retreat programs include:

·        leadership training
·        team building
·        conflict resolution
·        cultural diversity & relations
·        social issue debate
·        community activism
·        ...and more


Presentation & Public Speaking Consulting

Got a webinar or presentation coming up? Terrified about it? You're not alone.  Public speaking consistently lands at #1 on the average person's top five list of fears. 

Durand has over 20 years of experience as a keynote speaker and training facilitator. He also has extensive experience as a performer (actor, singer, dancer, musician).  He can help you get comfortable in your skin and project confidence in your delivery.

He can help you with:
·        script structure
·        elocution & voice projection
·        gesticulation & body harmony
·        ice breakers
·        microphone etiquette
·        improvisational skills

Please contact us regarding rate quotes for the above listed programs and consulting services.

*HomePlate programs are social gatherings conducted in private residences and attended by, a host selected group of invitees (i.e. friends co-workers, social circle, etc.).  Exponential Life Coaching staff members, in collaboration with the client, will design and then facilitate debate, discussion and/or excercises centered around a pre-determined theme. (e.g. book, film, news item, social issue, etc.)  It's an entertaining and enlightening experience that will help expand relationships and deepen understanding. It is suggested that  hors d'oeuvres and bevrages be served.