Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose is the reason we are on this planet. It is the thing we are meant to accomplish, the gift we are meant to bring. Life Purpose is not about a job or even an avocation. It is the round-the-clock, twenty-hour-, every-day-of-your-life expression of who you are when you are reaching your full potential.(excerpted from the book “Co-Active Coaching” - Whitworth/Kimsey-House/ Sandahl)

Have you discovered your “reason for being”? Your "grand design"?  Are your unique gifts, skills and personality being fully utilized?

Life Purpose Coaching will help you uncover your true design and define your purpose.  We will explore your life philosophies and spiritual perspective,  and clarify your personal metaview.

The process will yield a profound and personal mission statement that will embolden you in every area of your life and guide you more easily in every decision you make.  Once you are “on purpose”, you will find yourself infinitely more content and vastly more fulfilled.